Amorphous Viscous Elastic (Viscoelastic) Solid Polyolefin Coating

VISCOTAQ VISCOWRAP-ST is an amorphous viscous elastic (viscoelastic) solid polyolefin coating for corrosion prevention of underground and aboveground substrates. VISCOWRAP-ST is part of a 2-layer system that consists of a corrosion protective inner wrap (VISCOWRAP) and mechanical protective outer wrap that can be a PE, PVC or PU composite outer wrap.

Use and application:

  • Temperature range -42° C/-43° F up to +71° C/+160° F
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 60° C/+140° F
  • Application temperature > +5° C/+41° F
  • Minimum surface preparation SSPC-2
  • Application minimum +3° C/+5° F above dew point

VCP Sales specializes in corrosion prevention at pipelines, storage tanks, soil to air transitions, above ground flanges, pipe crossings, and in the ditch applications.

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