Amorphous Viscous Elastic (Viscoelastic) Solid Polyolefin Coating

VISCOTAQ PU-Composite Wrap is a composite system comprised of a proprietary polyurethane formula and custom-woven biaxial glass fiber for mechanical protection and reinforcement of VISCOWRAP-HT Inner Wrap furnished factory impregnated with a proprietary 22-77 resin system. PU Composite Wrap is an odorless and non-flammable, durable, high strength material, impervious to fuels, most chemicals, and solvents. It permanently bonds to a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, composites, concrete, plastics, and wood and is certified to ANSI/NFS Standard 61. As a biaxial fabric, it provides strength in two directions, hoop, and transverse. For piping, hoop strength is critical, but handling the transverse load is also important. Adhesion to the surface without a primer. Continuous temperature resistance in combination with VISCOWRAP-HT is 100° C/202° F.

Use and application:

  • Temperature range -42,9° C/-45,26° F up to +100° C/+212° F
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 100° C/+212° F
  • Application temperature > +5° C/+41° F
  • Surface preparation free of loose particles, dust, debris.

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